What do Talent Reps do?

Once you have registered with Unicorn, you will be assigned a Talent rep. This person is there to help you up until you find the right opportunity for you. If you have any doubts at any stage, they will be able to guide you. Some tasks they regularly perform are aid workers with company profiles, […]

I’m looking for my next opportunity, how does Unicorn work?

Once you’ve signed up and created your profile, our team will give you a quick phone call to confirm certain details including your salary expectations and tech preferences. You will then be required to pass a rapid test, designed by our partner Killercoder.io, that will look at your coding abilities. Once you have successfully completed […]

What talents are companies looking for on Unicorn?

Techstacks demand varies from quarter to quarter that is why we’ve put together an up to date analysis of open tech positions on our website. You may find it useful to discover what the latest trends reveal. Employers come to Unicorn for all tech-related jobs, including developers, DevOps, data scientists and CTOs. As for other […]

What type of companies is Unicorn for?

All companies that are looking to hire tech talent should sign up. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a startup, Unicorn has profiles suited for all types of projects. Regardless of who is in charge of recruitment in your company, we find that involvement from the tech team and lead developers is extremely […]

What is Unicorn?

Unicorn is a platform enabling approved companies to find qualified developers. Potential talents are screened and their skills are proven before they are able to join. Both the talents and companies must be completely open and honest so that the recruitment process is fast and efficient. Unicorn brings employers to passionate and qualified talents so […]

How should I set my ideal salary?

This very much depends on your expectations. We recommend you state a realistic salary in order for you to remain competive but you shouldn’t sell yourself short either. The salary you state is not a definitive amount but it gives the employers a sens of your expectations. If you’re looking to relocate, remember to consider […]

What information will be visible on my profile?

Your online profile includes your name, your experience, education as well as your salary expectations. There are also some information about your desired position, wether you wish to work on-site or remote, part-time or fulltime. If you are currently employed, you can also state your current notice period. Adding a picture is also a way […]

Can I create multiple accounts?

Each individual or company is only allowed to create one account. If you can’t log into your existing account or your account has been suspended, please contact our team who will gladly assist you.

What if my current employer sees me on the platform?

Your profile is not public, it is only shown to companies registered on Unicorn. However, your employer may be registered. To avoid any embarrassing situations Unicorn allows you to block companies from ever seeing your profile, allowing to prospect new opportunities without putting your current employment at risk.

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