Talent Accounts

How should I set my ideal salary?

This very much depends on your expectations. We recommend you state a realistic salary in order for you to remain competive but you shouldn’t sell yourself short either. The salary you state is not a definitive amount but it gives the employers a sens of your expectations. If you’re looking to relocate, remember to consider […]

What information will be visible on my profile?

Your online profile includes your name, your experience, education as well as your salary expectations. There are also some information about your desired position, wether you wish to work on-site or remote, part-time or fulltime. If you are currently employed, you can also state your current notice period. Adding a picture is also a way […]

Can I create multiple accounts?

Each individual or company is only allowed to create one account. If you can’t log into your existing account or your account has been suspended, please contact our team who will gladly assist you.

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