General questions

Can I update my company profile?

Make sure your company profile is up to date so that candidates can learn relevant information about you as an employer. Follow these simple steps to update your company profile.

How many talents are using Unicorn?

We currently have over 1’000 talents active on the platform. Every Monday we update our database by adding new talents and removing those who are not available anymore.

Why should I choose Unicorn?

Unicorn provides companies with pre-approved talents who are actively seeking employment. Each week you will be able to view hundreds of new talent profiles while we provide as much support as possible so that we can fulfill our mission- to get every developer the job of their dreams! To aid the process, we participate in […]

What is Unicorn?

Unicorn is a platform enabling approved companies to find qualified developers. Potential talents are screened and their skills are proven before they are able to join. Both the talents and companies must be completely open and honest so that the recruitment process is fast and efficient. Unicorn brings employers to passionate and qualified talents so […] is a platform dedicated to technology Jobs in Europe. Talents can create a profile, completely free, and sit back while IT companies look for you.
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