Finding Candidates

What is your screening process for talents?

All candidates that are on the platform have gone through our two steps vetting process Phone interview: our talent reps will set up a call with the candidates to understand their needs and experience and access their English proficiency. Coding test: Unicorn partnered with, a leading code testing platform, to ensure that qualifications presented […]

What type of contracts can we sign on Unicorn?

Companies are able to hire full-time employees, part-time and even freelance workers, however, most talents are seeking full-time jobs. When you look at a talent’s profile, you will be able to see the type of contract the talent is willing to sign.

Where do we find the talents that are on the platform?

Our talent acquisition team is very skilled at finding the best candidates looking for new opportunities. We have been providing staffing solutions to the tech industry for over 10 years and use our network and referrals from developers we trust to build a trustworthy and competent community on Unicorn. Some talents register directly on our […]

My company wants to use the platform, how does it work?

Unicorn designed simple steps for you to find your ideal candidates: Create your company profile Set up a brief call with your dedicated client rep who will discuss your needs and address any of your questions. Log into your account and start search for your candidates using filters and keywords to narrow down your search […]

Can I trust the developer’s skill level?

Yes, you can. Unicorn wants you to find the right resources for the job. We therefore attach a great deal of importance to the validity our candidate’s displayed qualifications. Each talent is screened over a phone call by our talent rep, and their coding abilities are evaluated through customs tests developed by our partner, […] is a platform dedicated to technology Jobs in Europe. Talents can create a profile, completely free, and sit back while IT companies look for you.
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