Can I update my company profile?

Make sure your company profile is up to date so that candidates can learn relevant information about you as an employer. Follow these simple steps to update your company profile.

What is your screening process for talents?

All candidates that are on the platform have gone through our two steps vetting process Phone interview: our talent reps will set up a call with the candidates to understand their needs and experience and access their English proficiency. Coding test: Unicorn partnered with Killercoder.io, a leading code testing platform, to ensure that qualifications presented […]

What are the payment terms?

The terms of payment for your company will be detailed in your contract. The contract will be sent to you upon registration.

How do I arrange an interview with a talent?

When viewing the candidate’s profile, you can send an invite with one single click. Once the invitation is sent and accepted, you can discuss with the talent how you want to set up the interview. You can use the same process you would for any other interview. If the talent is not local, you could […]

What is actually sent in the invitation?

The invitation will contain aspects of a normal job posting like a precise description of the role and the necessary skills required as well as three proposed schedule for the interview. At Unicorn, we encourage companies to be 100% honest with their descriptions, including the salary. You can also add a personal message to the […]

What is an interview invite?

This is a personal request sent by you to a tech talent who meets your requisites. The invitation will include three proposed interview schedules. Tech talents can either accept your invitation or decline it. You can send various interview invites for the same position.

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